InnCentives & Rebates 


The Canada Greener Homes Initiative helps homeowners save money, create new jobs across Canada
for energy advisors, and fight climate change. The $2.6 Billion fund includes grants of up to $5600 and a
10-year $40,000 interest free loan program for eligible energy efficiency upgrades.

Eligible HVAC upgrades

The following air source heat pump systems qualify for up to $5000 (see table below, grant amount column):

  • Mini-Splits (Single zone/multi-zone, ducted, ductless or mixed ducted & ductless)
  • Centrally ducted heat pump with matching air handler
  • Centrally ducted heat pump with matching evaporator coil and furnace (dual fuel)

EMCO Eligible Product List

The table below is a summary of air source heat pump systems sold by EMCO across Canada that are eligible under the greener homes program. Using the search bar, you can search by brand, model #, AHRI#, etc. to find the equipment matches you are looking for. Columns can be filtered in ascending or descending order (useful for sorting by grant amount/type). Click “Show ALL Entries” in the top left to see all results in one page.

Disclaimer: Enbridge Gas and Canada’s Greener Home Grant have partnered to form the new, Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+) program. Eligibility requirements remain unchanged but with enhanced rebates for Enbridge Gas customers.

Below are the enhanced heat pump rebates available to Enbridge Gas customers:

• The $5,000 category is eligible for $6,500
• The $4,000 category is eligible for $5,250
• The $2,500 category is eligible for $3,250

Please ensure you take all necessary steps to ensure homeowners are eligible, registered and completed a pre-inspection with an NRCan approved energy auditor. You will also need to make sure your system is designed to distribute heat throughout the home.
Please consult the Terms & Conditions.

Disclaimer: Heat pump models which are only tested under the new M1 standards will only be eligible in June 2023. Systems tested under old M standards will remain eligible until 2025.

EMCO Eligible Product List 2023